Biking to work is fun, green and healthy! Join hundreds of riders and dozens of companies who will be fielding teams for this morale-boosting, team-building event. Click here to read more.

3rd Annual Bike to Work Day in Winter Park

March 8

Lots of families want to be more active. Now it’s easy to do. We’ve got hundreds of ideas for active fun that won’t break your budget.

Find Activities Near You

Stay tuned for winners and the start of the next Walk90 challenge.


Walk90 Nears the Finish Line – Healthy Happenings!

The 90-day walking challenge known as the Walk90 ends on Dec. 29th. Better health, more fun and closer relationships have been reported by many. And the prizes are nice too! A one-year membership to RDV Sportsplex awaits the more.

What Makes You Happy? (Hint – it’s just outside your door.)

Different things make each of us happy but something that appears to be hardwired to bring us happiness may surprise you. It helps soothe us and make us more creative and it's just plain fun. Check out the latest research and this interesting article to learn more.

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