Happy to Be Healthy! 1,400+ Participants Complete MOVE60 Challenge

More than 1,400 participants – friends, co-workers, neighbors and individuals — completed the Move60 Challenge, which began on March 1st and ended on April 29th.

Burning calories and logging activities like Yoga, Zumba, hiking, swimming and even mowing the lawn, our community collectively moved 523,809,589 steps closer to being the healthiest in the nation. (That’s the equivalent of 1.1 trips to the moon!)

Participants ranged in age from two to 92!  (Okay, the two-year old rode on the front of mom and dad’s tandem bike – resulting in the cutest picture winner).  This cute couple and their beautiful kids told us that they used to bike to work at Rollins College from Oviedo.  They were actually hit while riding their bike (at low speed, luckily no one was seriously injured).  Now they only ride on trails – especially with their children as precious cargo.

Many participants shared other inspiring stories with us. Jonni Hultin (pictured left) shared that she was participating in the Move60 to honor her donor. Jonni had a double lung transplant in 2012 and since then, she spends her days appreciating the gift that she’s been given. She walks (shopping counts!) and does strength training. Thank you, Jonni for inspiring us and for sharing your story.

We were so inspired by Jonni’s story, we thought we’d ask all of you – did the Move60 move you to make a change?  Did you experience a small or large transformation?  Or did last Fall’s Walk90 90-day walking challenge encourage you to make a change, help you meet new friends or help you become healthier and happier?

If so, we want to hear about it.  If we use your story, you’ll win a Fitbit Flex2 and two movie passes. Keep them short (450 words or less).  And please include a photo.  Email your story to info@healthycf.org.  Submit your stories by May 25th to info@healthycf.org.

Additional Move60 winners will be announced the week of May 8th. Till then, thank you for being part of the MOVEment that is transforming our community into the healthiest in the nation!  And stay tuned for an announcement soon about our Fall Move60 Challenge.