Made in China: Your BLT??

For most of us, buying produce that has traveled across the country or the world is an ordinary part of grocery shopping.  But what isn’t so ordinary are the harmful impacts this has on IMG_0744the environment and our health.

Produce that travels long distances lacks nutrients (and even taste) because it is picked prematurely. It is also more likely to be exposed to harmful chemicals and pesticides during its long journey.  In addition, food miles result in a tremendous amount of air pollution from carbon dioxide emissions.

Now are you beginning to rethink where your food comes from? If so, healthier options are just around the corner – literally. You can buy fresh produce from local farmers’ markets and community markets right here in Central Florida (see list below). When you buy local you have the opportunity to support the local economy, reduce greenhouse gases (by reducing trucking and air freight) and eat healthier, more nutritious food.

This new year, enjoy fresh produce from local markets in your community and support local growers.  See a list below for local food markets in Central Florida.  Let us know if we missed any!

Local food markets:

East End Market

Fresh 24 Produce Market

Audubon Market

Home Grown Local Food Cooperative

Local farmers markets:

Winter Park Farmers Market

Orlando Farmers Market

Maitland Farmers Market

Note: Not all “produce” at “farmer’s markets” come from area farms.  If you prefer to eat locally grown, then inquire about the source of your produce, milk, eggs or even meat. Local options exist and are growing.  That’s healthy for all of us.