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Some countries and some communities, ours included, are beginning to track, measure and promote “happiness”.  We want our residents to be healthy and happy – to have abundant health and lots of joy and meaningful connections with neighbors, family and friends.

Be Happy Resources

Holiday Tradition Brings Community Together

If there is anything that can bring people together and spread happiness, it’s a parade!

A 73-year-old's Secret to Staying Happy & Healthy

"I am 73 years old. I don't feel 50, I don't feel 40 – I feel 30!"

Happiness is...Growing Up in a Town They Love

Kids Share Views on Health and Life in Eatonville Four teens…

What Makes You Happy? (Hint - it's just outside your door.)

Different things make each of us happy but something that appears to be hardwired to bring us happiness may surprise you. It helps soothe us and make us more creative and it's just plain fun. Check out the latest research and this interesting article to learn more.

Happiness is...Biking to Work Mar. 8th - Winter Park Bike to Work Day

Recruit your co-workers to join for an afternoon of healthy, happy,team-building and fun - a bike ride through beautiful Winter Park and a social at the Park Social afterwards. Don't miss out!

Happy to Be Healthy! 1,400+ Participants Complete MOVE60 Challenge

Ranging in age from 2 to 92 and logging activities like Pilates, paddle-boarding, dance, yoga and water aerobics, area residents are getting fit, having fun and winning prizes - the best one being better health. Click the picture to read more.

Walk Oct. 1 - Kick off Move60 with 8 am Walk at Winter Park Chamber

Join us to kick off the Move60 (60 days) Challenge with a beautiful…

Move60 Challenge gets more than 1,500 participants moving!

50% off Fitbits, free smoothies, weekly prizes and more. The 1,500 participants in the Move60 Challenge win more than great health...

How to be HAPPIER during these crazy times

Hug somebody. Pet your cat (or dog). Get outside. Breathe. Now more than ever, we need tangible strategies to reduce stress and increase happiness. Here are quick, simple ways to feel

Winter Park Bike to Work Day - March 7th

Like to Bike?! Join us for Bike to Work Day on March 7 in Winter Park. Come solo or recruit your team and join the fun. Free t-shirts, fun and a healthy, happy hour at Boca. Click image to learn more.