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Not that long ago people smoked in airplanes, offices, cars and even hospitals! We’ve come a long way, baby – but we still have a long way to go.  Currently only 10.3% of Winter Park residents and only 7.3% of Maitland residents smoke.  Join Healthy Central Florida in reducing those numbers even further.  Pledge to speak up and encourage more restaurants and public spaces to become totally smoke free.

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Smoke-Free Living Popular -- and Spreading

Only about 14% of local residents smoke (7% in Maitland and 10% in Winter Park). People of all ages prefer smoke-free dining and living - join the movement and learn more...

50 Restaurants and Counting - Breathe Free Marks Three Years of Increasing Access to Healthy Air

Only 10% of Winter Park and 7.3% of Maitland residents smoke. Nationwide the rate is less than 17%. In response to resident demand Breathe Free launched 3 years ago and today 50 restaurants offer safe, smoke-free patios. Cheers to them!

Breathe Free Expands to Maitland and Orlando

Breathe Free expands to Maitland and Orlando with nearly 50 restaurants/establishments serving great food, drinks and fresh air!

We've Come a Long Way, Baby - Nearly 50 Counting!!

Just over a year old, Breathe Free Winter Park is going strong with 41 restaurants voluntarily offering smoke-free patio dining. More are signing on...

4Rivers Saves the Smoking for the BBQ

4Rivers has mastered the ingredients for a successful restaurant: insanely good brisket, great service and of course, fresh air.

Which Park Ave cafe has tasty food, great coffee and delicious fresh air?

Barnie’s CoffeeKitchen! By providing 100% smoke-free dining, Barnie's is able to deliver mouth-watering flavors in a healthy environment.

What Do Families, Coop & Panera Think of Breathe Free WP?

Breathe Free Winter Park is gaining popularity among diners and restaurant managers alike. See why in this short video featuring local families, The Coop and Panera Bread.

People are Talking - and Listening

So far, nearly 30 local restaurants are now 100% smoke free. Speak up and let your favorite restaurant know that you prefer smoke-free patio dining.

Breathe Free Winter Park Officially Launched

30 smoke-free restaurants announced - and more are considering joining!

Smoke Free Restaurant Patios in Winter Park

Check out this list of 100% smoke-free restaurant patios in Winter Park, and let us know if there are more to add!