Maitland Walks

Walking is great for the body and soul.  Walking help hearts, lungs, and stress levels. Relationships grow during walking meetings or walks to school.   Walking is good for all of us and helps build community. It connects neighbors and coworkers and it connects kids to their parents or classmates.  We’re all healthier – and happier when we walk, talk and connect.

That’s the idea behind Maitland Walks, an initiative of Healthy Central Florida in partnership with the City of Maitland and the Maitland Public Library.  To facilitate more walking, we’re instituting “marked walking paths” throughout the city.  Small decals will mark existing sidewalks every 1/10th of a mile and let you know you’re on a nice path.  Marked walking paths are a strategy used by many communities to encourage walking – and we know it will be successful in Maitland too.

Maitland Walks is a marked walking path program to get people out walking longer and more often. With simple decals marking every 1/10 of a mile, we hope this will get you out and exploring. Let us know where you want to see more marked paths. Click the map to see all of the marked routes.