Move60 Challenge Member has lost 100 Pounds – Walked around the World!

At least three people associated with Healthy Central Florida and our Move60 Challenge have lost more than 100 pounds.  Think of the willpower, hard work and determination to lose 100 pounds!  We congratulate Rob Buchanan, who has participated in the last two Move60 Challenges – one of these special people who has shed the weight and regained his health.

Rob said that the Move60 Challenge gave him extra motivation. This 60-day challenge is designed to motivate and to get people moving. They can walk, bike, swim, dance or garden – it’s all about moving more.

A member of the First United Methodist team, Rob inspired us with his story and hope he will inspire you too.  Walking was his main activity.  A trip to Disney or Epcot can be a great way to get those steps, as Rob rshared.  On the brink of a health crisis, Rob has worked hard to win back his health.  Kudos to Rob and to all who are participating in the Move60 and improving their health and fitness. Here is his story in his words:

“Today I walked from Canada, to Morocco and Mexico and beyond!” said Rob Buchanan. “I am taking the Move 60 challenge because I want my health back. Four years ago I got a wake up call as I was in ICU for two weeks with a bad case of pneumonia in both lungs. I was was also more than 100 pounds overweight! So last year at the start of Lent instead of giving up something I started something. I joined Weight Watchers and started walking. I am walking daily and have lost more than 80 pounds. Move 60 is giving me the incentive to keep moving every day. I enjoy watching on Walker Tracker seeing how I am doing with the other members of my team of 45 people from First United Methodist Church WinterPark. I am far down the list of participants but I am moving!!! For me “slow and steady wins the race” and my returning health is winning big time!” – Rob Buchanan

Cheers to you, Rob!  We invite everyone to participate in our weekly walks and the next Move60 Challenge, slated for the fall.  CLICK HERE to learn more about our weekly walks schedule and times. Stay tuned for updates on the Move60 Challenge.

Pictured: Rob at Epcot in Morocco, Canada and his winning First United Methodist Team