U.S. Health Falling Behind

Americans are less healthy and less fit than residents of other wealthy, industrialized nations.

Take Shorter Vacations to Reduce Stress

There’s new research that suggests that taking frequent short breaks vs. one long vacation, can help alleviate stress.

Smoking Bans Clear Air on Restaurant Patios

Now you can sip your nonfat latte grande on the patio of your local Starbucks without sniffing a bit smoke.

Healthy Central Florida Launched Smoke Free Weekend With A Soiree

Healthy Central Florida threw a Smoke Free Soiree, the kickoff to a weekend of smoke free patio dining at the Winter Park Village.

Dr. Oz visits Winter Park to Kick Off Initiative

Florida Hospital and the Winter Park Health Foundation have partnered…

'Walkability' expert tells how to make Central Florida cities more pedestrian-friendly

Mark Fenton hopped up on a Denning Drive guardrail in Winter…

Health Innovation Grants Frequently Asked Questions

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