How to be HAPPIER during these crazy times

Hug somebody. Pet your cat (or dog). Get outside. Breathe. Now more than ever, we need tangible strategies to reduce stress and increase happiness. Here are quick, simple ways to feel

What Makes You Happy? (Hint - it's just outside your door.)

Different things make each of us happy but something that appears to be hardwired to bring us happiness may surprise you. It helps soothe us and make us more creative and it's just plain fun. Check out the latest research and this interesting article to learn more.

Happiness is...Growing Up in a Town They Love

Kids Share Views on Health and Life in Eatonville Four teens…

A 73-year-old's Secret to Staying Happy & Healthy

"I am 73 years old. I don't feel 50, I don't feel 40 – I feel 30!"

March 2015 Eatonville Community Calendar

What's happening in the Community of Eatonville for March 2015? Find out here!

Designing Healthy Communities

Every time we resurface a road or issue a permit, we need to think of the pedestrian, the cyclist, an 8-year-old child or an 88-year-old grandmother. Healthy communities are well-designed communities.

Why Does Happiness Matter?

What does happiness mean to you? Is being happy even important? We took a look at these questions and more to try to determine why happiness matters.

The "Happiness Zone" - What's Yours?

See how knowing your “zone” can increase productivity and happiness.

Action for Happiness - How Can We Truly Become Happy?

Action for Happiness is an international movement focused on building a happier society.

Five Ways to Make a Difference to Your Health & Happiness

Need a pick-me-up? Try these easy activities.