TGIBF – Thank God It’s (Bike) Friday!

IMG_8402Finally! The weather is a bit cooler and you could actually do this. Ride your bike to work and save money, the environment and your health – and have some much-needed fun!

That’s why we’re launching Bike to Work Fridays – weekly ride-to-work days.  And you’re invited!

Why Friday? Hopefully your workplace already observes “casual Friday”.  If not, this is a great time to tell your boss it’s 2015 and time to join the healthy, green movement.  Promoting casual Fridays and better yet active, fun, bike Fridays is just what the doctor ordered.

Commuting to work could also save you time by forfeiting those early morning and late night gym sessions.  In fact, 60 minutes of biking at a leisurely pace can burn up to 300 calories.

Finally, biking can also help save the environment and saves you money on gas and parking.  Grant Petersen, founder of Rivendell Bicycle Works said, “Think of bicycles as rideable art that can just about save the world.”

Personal Bike Escort – If you have been wanting to try this and aren’t sure of the best or safest route…or, you’ve considered riding your bike to a SunRail station and riding a train part of the way but aren’t sure how to navigate, ReThink can help.  They have people who will literally ride with you to show you how to get safely where you’re going. Visit or email and Healthy Central Florida will connect you.

Or, you could always find a friend or coworker and arrange to ride together.  There is certainly more safety in numbers and it just makes the ride more fun.BikingWorks00031

Let us know how it goes.  We’ll be sharing stories of bike commuters and if you share your story on our Facebook page, we’ll give you a handsome orange “Bike to Work” day shirt while supplies last. (Super soft Next Level shirt – safety orange from Winter Park’s Bike to Work Day – you’ll love this shirt).

Click here to read a helpful primer for new bike commuters or pointers for those who are out of practice.