The “Happiness Zone” – What’s Yours?

RXn2xK6HDoADo you know when you’re “in the zone”? According to the author of the New York Times best-selling book The Happiness Project, each of us has a certain window of time in our day when our productivity is highest, due to a combination of clear minds, free schedules, and whatever works best for us individually. This simple but radical principle could play a big role in your everyday happiness. Take some time to think about your daily schedule (what time you wake up, when you get your best work done, etc.) and capitalize on this to schedule your days in the most effective way.

Maybe you’re not a morning person and it takes until the afternoon for you to be operating at peak performance.  Use that self-knowledge when planning your day, and you might just find that you get through it much easier and end on a happier note!

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