Walk90 Challenge

Current contest: Oct. 1 – Dec. 29, 2016

If there were a “magic pill” for good health, it would be called “walking”. It strengthens our muscles, lifts our mood and strengthens friendships when we walk together.

In the spirit of good health and friendly competition, we created the Walk90 Challenge.  Our free, fun, easy-to-use online platform allows people to count and track steps.  This online tool takes participants on a virtual walking journey, allowing them to see how far they and others have walked and lets people interact with other walkers.

Walk90 News


Walk90 Nears the Finish Line – Healthy Happenings!

The 90-day walking challenge known as the Walk90 ends on Dec. 29th. Better health, more fun and closer relationships have been reported by many. And the prizes are nice too! A one-year membership to RDV Sportsplex awaits the winner...read more.

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