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Some countries and some communities, ours included, are beginning to track, measure and promote “happiness”.  We want our residents to be healthy and happy – to have abundant health and lots of joy and meaningful connections with neighbors, family and friends.

Be Happy Resources

Positive Thinking Can Change Your Life

There’s a science behind positive thoughts, and you can use them to create value in your life, and even to build skills!

12 Ways to Be Happier at Work (In Under 10 Minutes)

Workplace happiness is easier with some simple strategies.

Five Ways to Make a Difference to Your Health & Happiness

Need a pick-me-up? Try these easy activities.

Action for Happiness - How Can We Truly Become Happy?

Action for Happiness is an international movement focused on building a happier society.

The "Happiness Zone" - What's Yours?

See how knowing your “zone” can increase productivity and happiness.

Pets Can Improve Your Health

Did you know pets can have an impact on your health by making you happier, more socially connected and even help you exercise?

Why Does Happiness Matter?

What does happiness mean to you? Is being happy even important? We took a look at these questions and more to try to determine why happiness matters.

Happiness is Healthy

Being happy is actually healthy for you and there is research to prove it.

Walk Your Way to Happiness

Builders, therapists, economists and walking enthusiasts, can't all be wrong. Walking boosts the economy and your mood. Get walking!

Meditation. You Really Can Do This.

This is one of the best articles on meditation - ever. Take a new look and consider giving it a try for all the reasons you already know…