Be Happy Archive

Some countries and some communities, ours included, are beginning to track, measure and promote “happiness”.  We want our residents to be healthy and happy – to have abundant health and lots of joy and meaningful connections with neighbors, family and friends.

Be Happy Resources

Take Shorter Vacations to Reduce Stress

There’s new research that suggests that taking frequent short breaks vs. one long vacation, can help alleviate stress.

Walk It Off...

Walking can help prevent diabetes, it's good for your brain, bones and reduces stroke risk. Are you walking for your health?

Are You Happy?

Americans ranked 34th in happiest nations on Earth. What can we do in our lives to be happier?

Giant Carrots Sprouting Up Around Town

Our giant 4 foot carrots have sprouted up at Aloma Elementary to show kids eating healthy is fun.

Healthy Workplace – Oxymoron or the Future?

How would you feel if your work was so healthy that taking the stairs was the norm? It's happening more frequently.

Happiness, Exercise and the Brain

Did you know exercise can make you happy and prevent you from feeling sad?

Laughter is Good Medicine

They say laughter is the best medicine and they might be right. Find out why.

Mood and Food

What you eat can affect how you feel. Are you eating the right foods to stay happy?

Sunshine State is a Happy State - See Why

The Sunshine State has more benefits then warm weather and the beaches. Did you know the sun can actually improve your mood?