Did You Know?

  • walking-central-parkOnly 7.7% of Maitland and Winter Park residents smoke every day or “sometimes” (less than half the national average!)
  • 17% of people in our target communities report that their typical day is “extremely or very stressful” (the U.S. rate is 11.1%).
  • Only 13.6% report getting “no leisure time physical activity” – which is excellent compared to the national rate of 32.6%!
  •  56% of our target community is overweight or obese – compared to 63.1% of the U.S. population.
  • And 38% of our local residents report using a trail or park for exercise “at least weekly” – we don’t have a national comparison, but believe that this is a very healthy number.

These statistics are just a few of the highlights from a recent study conducted by UCF for Healthy Central Florida to measure community health.  It was conducted among residents of Winter Park, Maitland and Eatonville, HCF’s footprint.  It is a follow up study to our original baseline survey conducted in November 2011.

Generally the results show that our communities are healthier, more active and slightly thinner than regional, state and national counterparts – with some notable exceptions.  All of the findings will be shared with area town/city councils soon and presentations are available upon request.  These health findings are useful for planning workplace and/or community health initiatives.

The research will also be posted on our website soon.  If you would like to schedule a presentation or meeting to review the data, please contact Jill Hamilton Buss at jhamiltonbuss@healthycf.org.