Don’t Be Fooled – Food Labels Can Be Misleading

Sometimes food labels advertise that a product is “low fat” or “sugar free”, but is it really healthy?  This short and compelling video from CNN offers tips for all of us to better understand and decipher labels.  For example, Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist, Paige Espenship, points out that granola bars advertised as having “less sugar” usually contain artificial sweeteners which cause high insulin and glucose mac and cheese

Also, many packaged foods tout that a product is “organic” leading most of us to believe it is therefore healthier.  Organic products contain no fertilizers, pesticides or growth hormones, but that doesn’t mean they are good for you.  Organic boxed macaroni and cheese contains high grams of sodium and carbohydrates – like any other cheesy pasta dish.

When grocery shopping, it is important to recognize deceptive food labels and to be cautious of unhealthy ingredients. Don’t let what often amounts to marketing gimmicks fool you.

Learn more tips for healthy grocery shopping and looking beyond the label by checking out this short video from CNN.