Healthy Workplace – Oxymoron or the Future?

111117_078What if going to work were like going to work out?  What if you were surrounded by healthy people being active – taking the stairs, having walking meetings, fighting over the furthest parking spot?  What if your workplace was so healthy that bringing donuts to work was akin to not showering – nobody wanted to get near you!

Imagine if there were contests, rewards – and even money for getting fit and being healthy?  You don’t have to imagine it.  This is real and it’s happening at companies across the nation and right here in Central Florida.   And, it’s needed…

According to a recent study, 41 percent of workers said they had gained weight at their present jobs.  Some reported gaining more than 20 pounds.  Click here to read the full study.  And contact Healthy Central Florida, at, if you’d like to get your employer involved and connected to free healthy workplace resources.


Posted on: June 4, 2013