Meditation. You Really Can Do This.

We have all heard it before, that meditation works wonders for our hectic lives. It can bring you peace, clarity and it can reduce stress. So why isn’t everyone doing it?  Most of us feel we just can’t fit one more thing into our busy, hurried lives.  And for many, the thought of sitting still and doing “nothing” is terrifying – or at least disturbing.

mindful meditation insideBut little steps and just a few minutes a day can change your brain and produce incredibly positive changes in all aspects of your life.  And it doesn’t need to be “perfect”.

“You’re going to be completely imperfect at this like the rest of us,” said Dr. Goldstein, a clinical psychologist who uses meditation with patients.  “This is a very forgiving practice; you can always begin to be present to your life again. It only takes a moment.”

The author suggests just 10 minutes a day and you’ll begin to experience how truly life-changing it is.

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