18 Pounds and Counting…

No matter what your age is you can still take steps to get healthier and lose weight.

International Walk and Bike to School Day - October 3rd

More and more students are walking and biking to school for International Walk and Bike to School Day.

Community Walks in Winter Park, Maitland and Eatonville

You're invited to join us on one of our weekly walks in Winter Park, Maitland and Eatonville.

Don’t Let “The Holidays” Be Your Excuse

Keep your eye on the pize and don't let the holidays be your excuse to stop exercising and eating right.

Another Reason to Exercise – Beat the Flu

There are many reasons to exercise, but one is that it keeps you healthy and flu free.

Exercise Is Not Complicated

Exercise can be fun and easy if you find what you like to do. Are you a swimmer, runner or dancer?

Where Is Your Motivation?

Motivation can come from yourself, a friend, an event or the need to win. What keeps you motivated?

National Walking Day

Walking is a great way to stay fit. National Walking Day is April 3rd. Celebrate with us by joining one of our walks.

Fittest City Rankings – Where does Orlando Rank?

Orlando rose from 39th to 34th fittest city in the nation. How fit do you think your community is?

June 1st is National Trail Day

Get out and jump on your favorite trail for National Trail Day.