What Does 200 Calories Look Like To You?

The food choices we make have an immediate impact on our health.  Throughout the day we are faced with temptations such as doughnuts in the morning, candy bars in the afternoon and a fast food dinner.  What we don’t realize is that half a candy bar can have the same amount of calories as two whole apples.  If you are going to spend your calories, don’t you want it to be on food that energizes you and makes you feel good?

I confess, I’ve never really stopped to think about how to get the most nutritional bang for 200 calories. WiseGeek has done a comparison that you can see here, putting it all into perspective.  Two hundred calories will get you one and a quarter hot dogs or two medium red onions.  It will also get you about forty Jelly Belly Jelly Beans or six large slices of honeydew melon.  After looking at all of these pictures it got me thinking.

We have a choice.  We choose what we put in our bodies and as a result we look, feel and act a certain way based on the nutrients found in those foods.  An apple can give you as much energy as a cup of coffee.  A candy bar might satisfy a sweet tooth, but it is high in fat and will make you feel sluggish from a sugar crash.  The next time you want a snack try choosing hummus and carrots or unsalted almonds versus potato chips or gummy bears.  Spend your calories on food that supplies nutrients to your body and makes you feel good after eating it.  Take a look at this article.  You will be surprised what 200 calories can, or cannot, get you.  The choice is yours.


Posted on: February 22, 2013